DuPont Job

by Jordan Neustrom.

DuPont Job

DuPont came to Scientific Systems LLC with two major problems.


The first major pain point is that the commercial rooftop air conditioning units were degrading over short periods of time and needed to be replaced every five years. This was expensive to upkeep and added time and labor to maintain.


Scientific Systems LLC stepped in with a custom solution to provide new units made out of Stainless Steel to last them at least 20 years or more. The units were custom designed Industrial grade and built to match supply and return duct connections and fit the existing Roof Curbs. Scientific Systems LLC thereby saved Du Pont tens of thousands of dollars in retrofitting costs, not to mention time and headaches over the continual replacement of rooftop air conditioning units. Expected useful life of the new units is projected to be 20 years.


 The replacement project for DuPont involved 16 units of various tonnages (5 to 60 tons) and were specified to be double wall Stainless Steel (316) units with epoxy coated coils.


Our experience in custom design and build equipment allows us to meet some of the most challenging job criteria. Our work with DuPont is one of countless successful projects in creating high-quality, efficient rooftop air conditioning solutions.


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